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tv   Fox 8 News at 400AM  FOX  March 17, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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cap incongruent construction is also's changing the safety strategy. a lot ofty those fights have ramp looksha square with those intersections they are likely to be a new areas there ready for the changess in partygoers are encouraged to use public transportation of the easiest way isth to take the rapid.
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too many of our past few months he encouraged her to bring it begins at 1:00. goodbye.
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1:00 p.m.a to save the bottom part of the house ethics of proof is ine some sort of volunteers from across the street. the family was so concerned they called fox 8 vice chair for some help. since through from walmart for neighbors were absolutely stunned to learn of his arrestst
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jury for entitlement.d north worlds and parma and strongsville some feel it should be considered. -sorry for the animals that they have to go that wayor they are destroying personal property. the four-part subpanel attacked
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in the case ohio city leaders and the girls crammed with the reached a deal on tuesday. your time not is 4:07 a.m. all eyes on cleveland as we move closera to the r and see. what does a contested convention really mean. good morning.
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most of us should then the 18th we forecast for the
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this is jump off a cliff that's probably not a good thing. not unusual to have this happen. the sunshine that was being
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in those pictures. hopefully this afternoon it goes to a that briskaf that afternoon
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increasing clouds. 38-42 months ago by cloud cover increasing tomorrow afternoon. layout of the authorities i think was see some sunshine sunday into monday we're anticipating a few showers late sunday into monday as we look ahead to the eight-day forecast we might string together three or four days below normal. the claim 60s by next
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school closing station. y the primary desktop off just after one through. thirty-seven and harvard know issues there is yuko about all your travels. you have to fill out before you go out and about on your travels hopefully when you click on that you'll have cheaper gas prices
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roosevelt leftwich explains. you can think of the when it comes to politician with
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who got out all happened before. he was a very principles man if you want to learn about contests convention go to historic site in mentor. he emerged as the candidate and it did not start off that wayth and it came down to three. he was garfield who stole the show.h in his way of making people reflect instead of getting frenzied in with .-dotee some
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clear consensus. and how they also stay the same. after he got the party's nomination he was going to do
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there will be very many of them. it is looks like it's going to be to drive.go it's going to be pretty windy asphalt wentzel pick up same deal tomorrow have between 38-40 over the weekend. best chance of light snow will be late sunday into monday with temperatureses we look at that 60s by next wednesday. a look at traffic.
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freewaysod must start over i 90 still closed and will remain closed through sunday. detours are posted.c to 70 went and cedar local and express trouble-free this morning after really good start. at 9:00 a.m. there moving of march transformer. thank you very much for 24:00 a.m. sports time. the cavaliers and that maps
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out. cap saint patty's safety of margins were in the cavaliers withstood ama late surge put back the cavaliers for 9998 at the q. it was tough night shooting long range. it with cash in way up there.
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stuck in my head. i knew he wanted in on the left shoulder. i just tried to force in that way.r. he was given 9 million guaranteed he car grand total five passes all here is a chartered member of the berea country club m is one of the many reasons why ray farmer was fired. keep them later he led the browns and tackles he still has some football left in the report had them being checked out by arizona that was one of his
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instagram message. he is much love for the land. the #mario davis he led new york new york and tackles. is expected to compete for free safety spot held. the indians will be taking on the red selfie today are
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the 4:05 start there. as of the plane of the final night down and columbus. have a great lunacy send it back your your time right now is 4:28 a.m. find out why question the police.
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